Freedom from Pain for both Horse and Rider

Emma Roberts is a Qualified Chiropractor and has developed her own technique which is called ‘Intelligent Spinal Healing’(trauma myotherapy). This is mostly a gentle soft tissue technique designed to stimulate rapid self healing. 

Chiro means ‘by hand’ in Greek/Latin and practic means ‘to practice’. Therefore Chiropractors specialise in using the sensitivity in their hands to gently manipulate the skeletal joints and muscles to release fixations, improve range of movement, reflexes and increase suppleness. If you are postural aligned with one hip higher than the other or one shoulder higher or your head tilted to one side a Chiropractor would address this ‘out of balance’ alignment. Therefore a Chiropractor can help improve your range of movement and put you back ‘in balance’ so you pelvis appears visually straighter, you weight bear more evenly and your shoulder posture is straighter with your head carriage less tilted,etc. The same applies to horses postural compensations. If a client calls to say that they need a session because they are ‘out’ of balance this means there are muscular compensations which need skilled hands to release. It is not physically possible for a anybody but a surgeon to change the shape of bones but relieving excessive strain on your bones(or your horses bones) is to some extent possible. 

 Emma Roberts also provides extremely gentle and effective Barral (Osteopathic) Visceral manipulation of the organs such as heart/liver/diaphragm/blood vessels. Emma is trained in and has taught Equine Reiki & Craniosacral/Myofascial manipulation. Emma will ask lots of questions in order to understand what is your reason for seeking therapy and what you wish to achieve in the future. Emma is experienced in palpation and reflex testing and can run her hands over the musculoskeletal system - back, neck, jaw and legs very quickly in order to pinpoint and test for areas of numbness, pain and muscle spasm, muscle wastage/atrophy/weakness. 

Ref:- May 2018 GDPR and DATA PROTECTION -Emma Roberts is the DATA Controller storing essential patient medical records. To protect your privacy this information will never be shared without your written consent and is fully confidential. Chiropractors can only divulge that you are our clients if you give us consent in writing (which can be an email in which you cc in both Emma and your Veterinary Surgeon) stating that you give us permission to swap medical findings with one another. This acts as a referral for medical insurance purposes.