Freedom from Pain for both Horse and Rider

Link to watch on Youtube a Video of Emma Roberts- Chiropractor examining a dog and a horse :-

Emma Roberts is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has developed her own technique which is called ‘Intelligent Spinal Healing’(tm).

 Emma Roberts also provides extremely gentle and effective  Visceral & Craniosacral paediatric manipulation adapted for adult people and animals. Emma will ask lots of questions in order to understand what is your reason for seeking therapy and what you wish to achieve in the future. She will aim to help you achieve your goals. Emma has developed an excellent eye for postural and gait abnormalities.  Emma is experienced in palpation and reflex testing and can run her hands over the musculoskeletal system - back, neck, jaw and legs very quickly in order to pinpoint  areas of numbness, pain and muscle spasm, muscle wastage/atrophy/weakness. 

Ref:- May 2018 GDPR and DATA PROTECTION -Emma Roberts is the DATA Controller storing essential patient medical records. To protect your privacy this information will never be shared without your written consent and is fully confidential. By UK Law all GCC Registered Chiropractors must store a patients medical notes and contact info for  a minimum of 8 years, after which a Chiropractor can legally delete it. We use CCTV, alarm equipment, enhanced security software and to ensure the safety of all of our private data and to enhance your security when recieving therapy.