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Here are some examples of some patients recent comments:

"he went clear cross country within the time & showjumped clear at our last event, also my dressage trainer noticed he is much more supple since his last session & his knee has no swelling at all now after 3 years (of swelling)!many thanks",a thoroughbred owners text message update to Emma after 4 Manipulation/Massage sessions and 3 ultrasound sessions spaced over 3 months in a horse who was very sore in the quarters,poll and knee prior to treatment.

"it took just 2 sessions for Emma to level up Frank's hips and withers and he has muscled up over his quarters and behind the shoulder so much that he needed his dressage saddle reflocking! He has jumped clear at Intro consistently and is coping well with moving up to Advanced Medium (Dressage)Test's. I am impressed! I have tried many other people and there was a massive difference after Emma came out! She has even straightened my spine up too and my dog's. Yep definitely book a session for your boy as we both are more flexible and strong and Frank has an extra 1-2" topline and reach since she came!" exerpt from an email sent to a friend of a client whose 17hh Warmblood Emma treated and she CC'd the email to both Emma and their Vet.

"Alfie hasn't bitten or head butted me once since you fixed his jaw pain! thanks your a star :)" text message from a welsh cob pony's owner after he had a Horse Dentist's visit and 2 manipulation poll and jaw releasing session's with Emma Roberts McTimoney Chiropractor.